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In the last 5 years, more than 500,000 m2 have been planned and executed in over 180 projects.

VZA | VERA ZAFFARI ARQUITETURA works with retail architecture projects that excel by their innovation, time management commitment and environmental awareness. VZA’s portfolio includes size-relevant retail projects such as shopping malls, store chains, hyper and supermarkets, and hotels.
It’s been 14 years of operation and acknowledgement in over 600 projects executed by an efficient staff and strategic partnerships. This allows the delivery of complete projects - all engineerings included -, what adds value to the clients’ expansion process.
VZA’s quality standard is continuously pursued through its management processes, having the output of this effort been recognised by the Quality and Productivity Program of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (PGQP). VZA was awarded PGQP’s bronze medal in 2012 and PGQP’s bronze trophy in 2013.

Offering solution on architecture projects for corporate spaces that create value for its clients, reaching results with excellence, innovation and environmental awareness.

We want to hear from every client that VZA is unsurpassable on architecture solutions for the needs and aspirations of its business.

• We are devoted to serve our clients
• Each one of us gives his or her best
• We work as a team
• We believe in people’s worthiness.
• We learn and improve
• We work ethically and with integrity
• We focus on results